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About Us

Since 2001, we have provided exceptional, personalized accounting services for businesses and individuals. Founded by Gregory Shafer, CPA, our firm has grown from a sole proprietorship to a thriving tax and accounting practice employing 26 professionals. Our clients always receive exceptional service and resources from seasoned professionals who understand the tax system and always changing accounting and tax laws.

A Team With Over 100 Years of Combined Accounting Experience

We take a team and group approach with every client, which benefits clients of all sizes. More minds means more solutions, and this method encourages collaboration between team members. It puts their combined knowledge and experience to work for you and your business. Our services let us focus on your finances, so you can focus on running your business.

Meet Our Management Team

Gregory L. Shafer, CPA

Tax & Business Advisor Consultant

Vidhya Krishnamoorthy, CPA

Tax Director

Katie C. Fenton, EA

Tax Director

Jay Zeng, CPA

Senior Tax Manager

Brittany L. Sekavec, EA, MBA

Tax Manager

Angelica DeJesus-Lopez, EA, MBA

Senior Tax Accountant

Lisa Cole

Business Accounting Manager

Staff Directory

Ngoc Lu, Tax Accountant
Ext. 1007

Valeria Darancou, Tax Accountant
Ext. 1013

Nathaniel Morford, Tax Accountant
Ext. 1017

Christopher Nelson II​, Tax Accountant
Ext. 1002

Scott Walker, Tax Accountant
Ext. 1006

Scott Schlaufman, CPA, MPAcc, Senior Tax Accountant
Colorado CPA License #9038031
Ext. 1025

Crystal Lindsey, Business Accountant
Ext. 1008

Maureen Hill, Business Accountant
Ext. 1032

Willow Torres, Business Accountant
Ext. 1033

Celine Bouery, Business Accountant
Ext. 1011

Melissa Forney, Business Accountant
Ext. 1043

Katherine Phillips​, Accounting Consultant
Ext. 1026

Jessica Sandoval, CPA, Financial Business Accountant
Colorado CPA License #9036368
Ext. 1016

Cynthia Bouery, Senior Business Accountant
Ext. 1005

Timothy Richardson​, Senior Business Accountant
Ext. 1021

Emma Lawrenz, Senior Office Coordinator
Ext. 1022

Destony Rosas, Office Coordinator
Ext. 1000

Meagan Godec​, Office Coordinator
Ext. 1001